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RCP Capabilities

RCP practices a flexible engagement method that encourages ROI, insightful measurement and reporting, and continuous improvement. We serve as trusted advisors to our clients providing support for all of their marketing and advertising needs.

Strategic Planning & Consultation
Multi-channel (or omni-channel) marketing is the practice of assembling a plan that utilizes multiple mediums to reach prospective customers and nurture them through the decision-making process. This modern approach puts your brand’s message in front of your target audiences in different ways making it easy for them to engage on whatever platform they choose, and at whatever speed they choose. Measurement strategies are put in place throughout the sales funnel to determine the effectiveness of each tactic.

Branding & Logo development
Your company’s brand identity is more than just a logo or memorable tagline. It is influenced by people, visuals, culture, style, perception, words, messages, opinions, and interactions. Our cross-functional team collaborates to define the aspects of your unique brand to help you deliver a consistent and positive experience across all marketing channels.

Graphic Design
Great design plays an integral role in helping businesses stand out and grow. All advertising or marketing designs should not only look great (and be consistent with your brand) but should also educate, elicit action, and provide emotional appeal. We design everything with a clearly defined audience in mind to help deliver an experience that drives customers further down the funnel.

Video Production & Photography
Video is indisputably the most compelling content available on the web. It engages your customers and provides a risk-free, near-personal experience with your brand. By cleverly blending information and entertainment, RCP helps you tell your story and motivates your prospective customers. With the state-of-the-art RCP video and photography toolset and technologies, we will provide turnkey productions, or assist your team in completing internal projects. 

Website Development
Your website is your company’s marketing hub. It’s often your brand’s first impression for a new customer, and it can make or break the future of your relationship with a new or returning shopper. 

Our Hosting & Healthy Site™ program helps ensure you have a first line of defense against incompatibilities caused by the rapid technology advancements affecting third-party integrations with your site. RCP is committed to making sure your “24-7 sales person” is always at work and ready to provide a great experience for every visitor.

Digital Media Management
RCP is a certified Google® Agency Partner with experienced integrated marketing strategists who plan, place, monitor, and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. Our team analyzes the data to optimize your advertising campaigns to ensure you are reaching your ideal customers and driving your desired results. We actively review keywords and write strategically sound and compelling messaging.

Traditional Media Management
An omni-channel approach integrates the best options of both traditional and digital media and allows the advertiser to broaden effective reach in the high funnel, exposing as many consumers as possible to the brand, and ultimately driving audience considerations. Advertising methods such as billboards, traditional TV, and radio will significantly impact brand exposure to new audience groups and improve your campaign’s performance.