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PPC (pay per click)
Google Ads | Facebook & Instagram

The Digital Advertising Package may include a combination of content-based paid search ads, remarketing display ads, and behavioral display ads. The agency will conduct in-depth keyword research and provide recommendations for the allocation of each dealer’s budget. A percentage of budget directed toward specific tactics may change as performance data is analyzed.

Account setup is included, as well as ongoing campaign management, geo or behavioral targeting, and ad optimization. Display and dynamic-content campaigns are included for Google ads. Quarterly reports are included with key metrics and website performance analytics. Google Tag Manager integration with event tracking where appropriate for conversions/user actions and digital campaign measurement (Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn pixels will be included to begin generating an audience).

Initial account setup and strategy session: $795 one-time fee
Minimum Monthly Investment: $1,600*
*Minimum Advertising spend: $1,000/month paid directly to Google or Facebook on client-provided credit card. Monthly ad management: Minimum of $600/month or 40% of ad spend.
*Graphic Design Support Services for creative ads billed by the hour separately.
** 6-month minimum commitment with a 30-day notice of cancellation.

Are you uncertain about how to begin? You have the option to utilize the budget calculator as a guiding tool or get in touch with us now for personalized recommendations!

Budget Calculator